Graphic Design

Underestimated by many, graphic design can make or break the impression an organization makes on clients. It is the first image potential clients have of a company, and largely determines whether their initial interest progresses any further. Even though people often don’t notice small details in design, they are greatly influenced by them. Whether it’s a logo, poster, a complete house style or just a business card, a good design starts where your content ends.


VECTOR – Logo and poster design

“Vereniging Extra Curriculair Cardiologie En Thoraxchirurgie Onderwijs Rotterdam”. A mouthful. This new concept is the child of a handful of medicine students, created to offer educational content and events related to cardiology and thoracic surgery. The organization’s name can be cleverly abbreviated to VECTOR, a geometric object better known as an arrow. In the logo, both elements are included, as well as their slogan, a Latin phrase. Left is one of the poster options that were designed, in which below logo was used.


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